A Budget trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is a European country, mountainous and home to numerous lakes. It consists of a number of beautiful villages and high peaks of the Alps. It is known for its ski resorts and hiking trails. Swiss watches and chocolates are well known everywhere in the world. It is the land of four languages. Its landscape is mesmerizing. Once you are there, all you will feel like doing is to grab a pair of boots and go snowboarding in areas like Graubunden, Bernese Oberland and Central Switzerland. The hiking and biking trails, along with the greenery and awesome landscape, attracts tourists from all over the world. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The medieval old towns along with world class modern art, bold architecture, castles, craft beers, gigs and fancy restaurants; Switzerland will give you the best kind of feels!

To travel to Switzerland from India, there are a number of cheap flights available. Just make sure you book your tickets early enough. There are also a number of tour planners available, by contacting which you will get a budget trip to Switzerland. Because of its popularity as a holiday destination and tourism, it is well connected to all the major cities of the world. Air travel within Switzerland is affordable too, with frequent flight facility. There are also trains which will be much cheaper in comparison to flights. You can board your flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata to reach Switzerland. The cost will be from around 33000 INR to 55000 INR. You can book tickets to either one of these airports in Switzerland, depending upon the places you want to visit: Zurich Airport, Geneva Airport, Basel Airport and Bern Airport. After landing, there are taxis that are available frequently which will take you to your desired destination at a reasonable cost.

From Bangalore to Zurich, it takes around 16 hours to reach, from Chennai to Zurich it takes 13 hours, from Mumbai to Zurich it takes 16 hours and from New Delhi to Zurich it takes 12 hours.

To get a cheaper flight deal, the airlines offering cheap tickets to Switzerland in comparison to others are Air France, Air India and Emirates. The major layover airports for connecting flights to Zurich are in Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Paris.

Since Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries, it will be feasible, if you are planning on saving money, to cook your own food and using public transport. Use “couchsurfing” to find a cheap and safe place to stay at. It is a service that lets travellers stay with locals for free! But make sure you request your hosts early enough, since it is usually packed. There are also a number of free attractions there, to visit which you do not have to pay money. Plan your destinations prior so that you don’t have to spend money in travelling back and forth. Use “BlaBlaCar” to share your rides with others and avoid traffic. Avoid drinking, if you want to save some more since liquor is quite expensive in Switzerland.